The Artist

My Role:  Editor + Motion/VFX + Camera


Project description

Mousa introduces Paradise Built on the Bones of the Slaughtered – a monumental sculpture for the ArtPrize competition – based on the Syrian-American experience; welded towers display religious texts burned to ashes.

I collaborated with Cindy Abel to create 3 videos to promote Mousa’s sculpture as the competition drew near.  Unfortunately, his art piece was suddenly rejected from the competition just days before ArtPrize started, losing his arranged venue. Mousa started to garner attention as the videos were released while working day and night to find a new venue for his sculpture. Launch his site in the link below to see his news interviews and learn more about his artwork.

For this project, we used existing footage of the books, which was then complimented with addition footage I shot of the sculpture on a black background.  In order to keep a uniform style I needed to cut and composite the book footage on black, as well as, composite in fire, smoke, and ash throughout the piece to blend with footage that already had flames.