Ciba Vision

Program Showcase

My Role:  Editor + Motion/VFX + Camera


Project description

Ciba Vision wanted to create a viral solution for World Sight Day. The video was intended to bring awareness to proper eye care and remind people to have a check-up with a local eye care specialist. We created several versions of the video for regional use, including versions with subtitles to allow playback at regional eye-care facilities. It was also translated into several foreign languages to display on an international scale, and aimed to run as a commercial in Italy.

I was the Editor, however, I had to shoot a few pick-up shots and incorporate some VFX to help with our footage. I shot the sunrise pieces, like the one below, and had to track the shot and composite a more visible sun. As for the dew drops on the spider web, I strategically sprayed water and found the right angle to reflect the light. I also had to perform a few sky replacements and color-correction to match our footage with stock.